Happy-Go-Yoga is a #1 New Release on Amazon!

I’m so grateful to share this news and even more excited that my book is helping people do yoga anytime, anywhere! 

Favorites include: Smartphone Siesta on page 24 for stress relief, shoulder opening, and much-needed relief from your smartphone!

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“…highly recommended as a way to create healthy habits for a more peaceful, happy life.” – New York Journal of Books 

“I’m obsessed with this book! It’s yoga for everyone – fun, fierce, and therapeutic!” – Dana Flynn, co-founder, Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers 

“My girlfriend got me this book, and my lazy butt was actually able to use it.” – Dale Talde, Top Chef All-Stars, chef and restaurateur

“Yoga poses just couldn’t be easier than this when I am working and traveling during fashion’s busiest weeks!” – Mary Woo, shoe buyer for Barneys New York

“…little bits of yoga medicine for all of us.” – Dr. Gabrielle Francis, author of The Rockstar Remedy 

“Happy-Go-Yoga helps you take that first step toward mobilizing your body and mind.” – Dr. Paul Christo, Division of Pain Medicine, Johns Hopkins University