filmedclasscaptureWear your best smile, breathe, and get your yoga on for free! 

Join me and be part of Laughing Lotus’ online class offering and enjoy an intimate, quiet class setting at the same time. 

Lotus Basics: Wednesday May 18 or Fridays: May 20 & June 17 

2-3pm @ Laughing Lotus NY (Chelsea) >> Sign up

Ayurveda and YOU this Spring

Spring is one of the best times to explore how to incorporate Ayurvedic tools for inside-out lifestyle and health balance.   Booking your first consultation and see how the sister science to yoga can help you find more wellbeing with small choices that can make a big difference. >> Find out more 

Happy-Go-Yoga Celebrates #1

Don’t really do yoga? Too busy for yoga? This is your kind of yoga. 

Thanks to your continued support and belief in yoga, Happy-Go-Yoga celebrates anniversary #1 after it was a #1 new release and #1 bestseller on Amazon.com. It continues to be sold everywhere, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand. Plus, FYI, it was translated into Russian! 



I had a blast with HLN/CNN anchor/host Lynn Smith in Atlanta. 

Check out the segment on Weekend Express!